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AI User Experience Strategist with experience doing a bunch of things, like:

I'm learning (from others and through experience) how I can use my power and privilege as an educated white cis able-bodied man to dismantle structures of white supremacist heteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, and settler colonialism. Hit me up of you are too!Thinking a lot about: What does it look like if we truly love ourselves and each other?🍉 Free Palestine.

What is Academic SEO?

A way to help people find your scientific articles and get more citations.I wrote this in 2020, so it's possible there are things you can do to get more citations.

Citation count is the most important factor when it comes to article search engines (Ranking by Relevance and Citation Counts, a Comparative Study: Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, WoS and Scopus).Increasing the number of citations your articles have will make them easier to find through search engines, leading to even more citations.

8 things you can do to get more citations for your scientific articles

Simon Landry
Simon Landry